3D composition

Motion graphic

These are my concept board and my screen shot of my motion graphic

Meet Wuzzy

Fuzzy Wuzzy thats what they call him,
Lazying around is what he does.

meet wuzzy, a cute and friendly creature,
a creature who look likes a bear but with added horns

he lives in a fantasy forest not so far away.
Not many his seen him but for those who do,
they find them self very entertain by him.

Photo Compositing



my first Visual Effect, a simple matte painting.

my other composting work

Another digital illustration

Digital art

This was done during my free time and exploring freehand

This was done using photoshop

My digital illustration

i used fish as my theme and adding modern find art feel, its was compose using Adobe Illustrator. i did this in my final project during foundation year

these were done in macromedia freehand